Unreal Tournament (1999) - burn CD including v.4.36 + Bonus Packs in installation



I’ve come up with an idea, but I’m not sure if it’s possible. My understanding is there are 3 different retail versions of the original Unreal Tournament (Original v.4.00, GOTY v.4.32, and Totally Unreal/GOTY v.4.36). I also know that the two different GOTY editions incorporate some of the Bonus Packs in the installation.

Realizing this fact, I was wondering if it would be possible to take the Original v.4.00 UT (the one I own), and to make an installation CD that would incorporate v.4.36 and the official Bonus Packs 1-4. I don’t mean just burning the separate files on the same CD, but rather a CD that will automatically incorporate these updates during installation, so no further patching/updating would be necessary.

I really would like to do this, as I have a group of friends that still likes to play the original UT (don’t worry, we all own our own copies :stuck_out_tongue: ), but hate having to apply all of these updates every time one or more of us has to reinstall it for whatever reason.

Has anyone been able to accomplish this, or know if it is even possible?


I don’t think this could be done very easily simple beacause the patch updates files once it is installed. To make a installation CD of this you would have to put the updated files in the game and put them back onto the original CD.

If there is CRC or checksize code in the install program then you would have to also change that because of the updated files.

The bonus packs add files so that would also have to be change in the original installation module as well.

I think the best you could hope fot would be a copy of the game and then a interface on another CD to install the patch and bonus packs easily.


my friend tried to do this but there was some compatibility issues that didnt exactly work. though this may seem like a bit of a hassle, y dont u just buy the last version that came out; comon its only $10


Hmm…yeah, I was afraid it might be complicated. It’s too bad…it would be really cool to have a CD that installs everything to keep things as hassle-free as possible. :frowning:

So what you’re suggesting, Womble, is to make some sort of batch file to automate the installation of the 4.36 patch and Bonus Packs? Would this be overly complicated to do?

Another question…I notice there is a “Maps” folder on the original installation CD, and all the maps are separate files. Would I be able to add addtional maps into that directory and have them automatically install with the game?

I may just see if I can purchase the Totally Unreal GOTY Edition…I believe it is version 4.36 with Bonus Packs 1-3, so I would just have to install Bonus Pack 4. Can anyone confirm this?


Heh…so I purchased Totally Unreal off of eBay, and I went to install UT GOTY, just to see what version it says, and it says “version 4.32” on the installation window! :frowning: I haven’t actually installed it, but does anyone know if it is indeed 4.32, or did Epic just forget to update that number, and the version that installs is in fact 4.36?

According to BeyondUnreal’s “Essential Files” section for UT, the Totally Unreal edition of UT is 4.36…are they wrong?


I have totally unreal and it’s version 4.36 not 4.32. You should have 1x unreal cd, 1x napali cd, 1 x unreal tourny cd, 1 x bonus material cd (for unreal tourny). The unreal tourny cd is the version 4.36 while the other 2 game cd’s have to be patched with the patches for unreal on the cd


Yeah, I’ve got exactly that…UT GOTY Discs 1 + 2, Unreal Gold, and the Unreal 2/Unreal Championship Preview Disc in a 4-CD jewel case labeled “Totally Unreal”.

Unfortunately, I have installed and confirmed my UT GOTY is version 4.32, which defeats the entire purpose of my buying it. :a I just wanted a version I could install with as little patching as possible (the friends I play with tend to lose interest by the time I install the game, the 4.36 patch, + 4 bonus packs on everyone’s system). According to BeyondUnreal, all I should need to install after the Totally Unreal version of UT is ONLY Bonus Pack 4.

Slayerking, when you put your UT GOTY CD in your drive and it goes to the initial install window, does it say “Version 436” under where it says “Unreal Tournament GOTY Edition”? Also, my CD’s are blue…are yours?

(I know the original UT GOTY CD’s were red, and ver. 4.32 - perhaps I got one of the earliest copies of Totally Unreal before they updated it to 4.36…damn).


afaik, you can play ut just by copying the entire unrealtournament folder (ie c:\unrealtournament). So you can install the game with bonuspacks and all the levels you want on your hd, then burn this on DVD. When you want to
play it on another computer, just copy the entire dir from DVD.



Yep mine is version 4.36 like I said before. My discs are black/grey. I just took a quick photo of them not that good but you can see.