UnReal ANd Sims Unleased

i have liteon 24x10x40b and a liteon163 dvd rom and for some reason the new games that are coming out i cant not backup i can install the new games but the play exe isnt working on either game bother games have different copy protections. but yet i end up with that same result on both games. can some one please help thanks

for sims unleased i would read/write the image with your liteon

use the latest clone!!!

in the writer profile uncheck all boxes that deal with subchannel data and cdtext
Read Retries set at 0
Error correction since you have a “2 sheep burner” set at software
read speed at max
in the [B]game cd profile[/B] under data tab
read speed at max; rest of boxes unchecked
audio tab none and rest of boxes unchecked
error correction tab fast error skip settings ON; rest of boxes unchecked

in the writer profile use RAW DAO; Buffer Underun and Laser Power Calibration checked; AMPLIFY WEAK SECTORS unchecked; write speed MAX
in the [B]game cd profile[/B] AMPLIFY WEAK SECTORS and DONT REPAIR SUB CHANNEL DATA unchecked and close last session checked

your game should work for ya!!!

Sims unleased is safedisc 2 protected and you should be able to get a working back-up with either the game cd profile (just make sure that AWS is disabled from your writer settings sheet) or with the safedisc 2 no AWS profile that you can download from the profiles sticky on this forum).

Unreal Tournament 2003, however, is protected with the latest version of securom and you are unlikely to succeed with your reader/writer combo (same as mine) as there doesn’t appear to be a copying solution for the latest securom protected cds at present. See here . If you want to try then I’d suggest you use your Ltd-163 for reading and use the Lite-on securom new profile which is also available from the profiles sticky. (Use a cdrw initially though as it probably won’t work.)