Unreadable Nashua DVD


I have a Nashua DVD+R that has been written on some time ago but appears to be unreadable. This happens to ~ 10 different DVDs of the same type, so it’s very doubtful it’s actual damage on the disc.

After some Googling it appears like the media format FTI.016 is lacking support, but I’m not sure if this is the actual issue. I’ve tried reading it with an Apple SuperDrive and Hitachi-LG GP60NS60 but it doesn’t work with either of these.

What do I need to do to make them readable? Is there any software/firmware fix or do I need to buy a specific DVD reader? Re-burning them is not an option, the original videos are already gone.


It looks like a media issue, since two drives were unable to read it.
It is likely that those discs degraded (this depends on whether they were stored away from sunlight, moisture, etc).
If you really want to try it, i would buy a Lite-On dvd-rw and try to read them, since those are good readers.

I agree, but it happens to 8 different Nashua DVDs which have no signs of damage. All other DVDs stored in the same plastic spindle work completely fine.

Something like the Lite-On eBAU108 will work?

Thanks again!

I would go for an internal model, since those had good error correction.
Look for an Ihas 124 model, preferably an A or B.
You can find them quite cheap on the second hand market.

I found plenty of iHAS124, IHAS124-04 and iHAS124-14 models but nothing with an A or a B.

Do you have the exact model number? :slight_smile:

Can you post here the pictures of the stickers of those drives?
The exact model should be written on the sticker.
Like this:Inkeds-l640_LI