Unreadable media, unable to recover (need tips)



I burned dozens of DVD+Rs a few years ago with some average priced TDK discs. I either used Nero or Roxio (some of the former, some of the latter). Now I’m finding almost all of the discs unreadable, save for a few. I’ve downloaded CDRoller, CDCheck, and ISOBuster and none of them are able to really retrieve much off of them. I don’t see how just a few short years (at most 2) could render them unreadable. If this is due to Nero/Roxio, is this data lost?
I’m using a Sony DW-Q58A DVD±RW drive in a Dell E1505 laptop.

Any guidance would be appreciated.



I doubt it’s due to Nero or Roxio (unless you used Roxio’s packet-writing software).

It’s more likely due to media deterioration…if ISOBuster etc can’t get much data off them, then you might try ISO Puzzle, or find a buddy with a newer Samsung or another LiteOn drive to see if you can recover the data.

TDK use several manufacturers for their media, some of which aren’t so good. Storage is important too. :slight_smile:


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