Unreadable file..fun w/dick & jane



Fun with Dick and Jane
says file is unreadable
using version 6 0 0 3


no information provided
if post is less than a paragraph
we can not figure out what is wrong




@marlaculliton, it’s not just you. it’s just frustrating. we’re her ebecause we like to help, but posts like yours make it IMPOSSIBLE to help.

please follow the link that Webslinger has posted and provide at the BARE MINIMUM the information requested. please feel free to expand with more detail if applicable.

@Webslinger, great post. PM a mod and see if they can make it a sticky in EVERY subforum here on CDFreaks :slight_smile:


If this Fun with Dick and Jane of your is not movie and if is movie is not from Sony picture and not recently released then you don’t have to use AnyDVD at all just use DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink with Nero and make a copy you be OK.


Use anydvd v. If you like send a pm with your e-mail and i send this file to you!


I don’t think this was smart to post.

I didn’t understand this and got really confused. Is this what you meant to say : If your Fun with Dick and Jane is the original and not the new release just use DVD Decrypter. If it is the New one starring Jim Carrey (misspelled) then anydvd will do this movie as a few prior versions of anydvd release fixed this issue.


Why not? :rolleyes:


A ok thx for the answer.


i’m not speaking for dr. who, but the software you offered to send is way out of date. why can’t the poster just download it from www.slysoft.com like the rest of us?

you didn’t say you were offereing a key or crack or anything, but just to forewarn you, any offers like that are strictly prohibited on cdfreaks as per the rules you agreed to upon signing up.

my main contention is on the grounds that it is bad advice to recommend outdated software when the most current version is readily available.


Are you gays who have come to this community (CD Freaks) for the less than a year try to set a standard for everyone as what to say and what to avoid? This strange please comes down. What is wrong if some say that you can use the older version of a program? May be we are getting confused here some moderator or system admin has to intervene here. You people driving everyone out of this forum and even out of CD Freaks. .


i’m nto sure what your problem with me is, but i honestly don’t think it’s good advice to use a severely outdated version of a software program that can be obtained in its updated form from the vendor.

if you have a problem with me and me advice then report me. sorry if my being a “newcomer” invalidates my suggestions.

edit: you always have the option to place me on your ignore list…


You were thinking like me very well reasonsnotrules.

C3ke…Sarcasm wasn’t needed here. Some of us have a life outside the forum.



There is absolutely no reason to use out outdated versions of the AnyDVD software program.

SlySoft takes steps to ensure that old out dated versions of AnyDVD are removed from their Web Site immediately when new up date versions are released. I am quite sure if SlySoft saw any value of customers using old out dated versions of AnyDVD that they would not take the time and effort of immediately removing the old out dated versions of AnyDVD from circulation.

You are way off the mark in implying that by somehow From Member reasonsnotrules not recommending providing old out dated versions of AnyDVD software is “driving everyone out of this forum and even out of CD Freaks”.

If you actually believe that From Member reasonsnotrules posting requires some type of Forum Moderator/Admin intervention quite possibly your attitude towards From Member reasonsnotrules requires some type of Forum Moderator/Admin review.

You personally act like just because you happened to a frequenter of the CD Freaks Forum for two years that somehow you are personally endowed with some special overseeing privileges that allow you authority to approve or disapprove what are acceptable Forum Member postings.

Best Regards,


I just want to say for the record that if this board becomes like others I used to go to and the more post and time spent here and how long ago you joined is going to be introduced then I’m leaving for good we don’t need High egoes just high knowlege reasonable solutions. I will say why use an old program when the newest will do the same movie in question. TCAS, reasonsnotrules, bjkg and there is others; I have learned alot about anydvd and various other dvd tools from you guys/gals. I love this forum and hate to leave, but if this keeps on I would rather leave than to listen well read quarrels and seek help elsewhere.


By the version of my andydvd is also een crack inside :slight_smile:

Now happy?Works also by the newer anydvd.


Download anydvd on this link http://www.mytempdir.com/zzzzz


Why do that when you can just get it directly from http://www.slysoft.com


Dwonload and see :iagree:


you’re distributing warez. this is against forum rules as you were already warned. you’re being reported.