Unreadable errors at 74min mark

In some tests at CD Freaks here and on discs I burned myself, it looks like often there are (usually 35280) red/unreadable errors at about the 74min mark. I think someone said that is where the drive sometimes slows down. Some discs I have were probably burned too fast (Memorex CMC 32x @ 52x). Why are those errors likely at that point? If it is due to the drive slowing down is it Lite-On specific? Thanx

  1. Yes, burning Memorex 32x media at 52x can result in coasters.
  2. Yes, there is a glitch in the 52x drive where you can get unreadable sectors at the down-shift point.
    I have yet to find media that does not sownshift at some point, but if it does so early, or very late, often there is no error. It seems to be a bit better with 6S0C, but still occurs. since i do not burn at 52x, or even 48x, except for testing, I’ve not had many problems with it.

I now usually burn at 40x or lower and don’t use CMC media too much. I knew less back then when I thought I’d get no problems burning that at 52x and I thought “oh well it can’t be so bad” about CMC. But now I know better. I did update to 6s0c yesterday but haven’t used the drive a lot.

Some people have reported that they see no errors at 52x. But I suspect that’s because they’re not looking very close. Even with the error, you can still have a functional disc, but I wouldn’t trust the data.