Unreadable DVD-R's


Recently I bought 100 Omega DVD-R’s. I’ve written some DVD’s with my NEC 6650A (on my fujitsu laptop). But after writing, I was unable to read them tho… Then I went to my desktop and there, I could read them… Is there a firmware upgrade or something so I can be able to read them, cause this is really annoying :slight_smile:

thanks in advance!

I guess you should buy better media. Never heard of Omega, but something makes me think that it’s cheap crap.

Yeah it is rather cheap crap ^^
but I actually explained wrong…
I can read them but I cannot play the video files (the files that I burned as data with my NEC). On my desktop, I can read them and play these files. It is really odd.

Maybe your desktop drive has a better error correction

Or is it maybe possible to turn my desktop DVD-drive into a mobile dvd-drive so I can take it with me?