Unreadable DVD-R burns with Kprobe Good Scans?

I’ve hit a problem and I’m not sure why. I’m using Nero with a 812S Newest firmware and kprobe, oh and Ridata G04s. I’ve burned many of these without any problem but recently out of the last 10 discs only one has worked in my Liteon DVD-ROM. When I kprobe the discs the worst one had a PI Max of 34 and a PO Max of 2. My Liteon DVD-RW can read them fine but none of my DVD-ROMs can. The only change I’ve had was I installed SP2, but I’ve never heard of this problem before. I figured that if it was becuase of SP2 that I wouldn’t have had any that worked. I’m hoping there is a easy fix before I waste anymore media.

I updated to the current versions of both nero and kprobe and tried again, but no luck. While the kprobe scans Max at 44/4 on my latest burn still can’t read the disc in sections using my LiteOn DVD-ROM drives. I’ve had scans with PI in the 100+ range work fine using G04s so I’m stumped. I also checked a couple discs I burned prior to SP2 and they have the same problem as well, so its not related to SP2. Any suggestions to a possible fix would be helpfull.

I also checked a couple discs I burned prior to SP2 and they have the same problem as well, so its not related to SP2.

it appears that the problem IS SP2…if they worked before and then you checked again after installing SP2 and now they wont read then that should mean that something (either SP2 or something else installed after that) is the problem…
SP2 has many problems…many of which microsoft knowws about and are currently fixing…i hate it when microsoft do that…release buggy software then releae patches in dribs and drabs to fix it…
i would leave SP2 till MS sort it out…also if you archived the files while installing SP2 you should have the option to uninstall them…or even do a system restore to a time you know your burner worked…then its a case of detective work…if it works after the restore then its a case of putting the things back on 1 by 1 till you find your problem…

also check your IDE controllers…uninstall any third party drivers like nforce or via ide controllers and use the MS ones

you may also want to check this out
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LiteOn tech support says there is a bug in SP2 that is causing the drive to flake out.

the_hetster, I’m sure its not related to SP2. Like I said the two discs I burned with low PI/PO before SP2 have the same problem reading problem, but a disc I burned about a week ago that had a PI in the 100+ range still reads fine before and after the SP2 install. I had been using scanning to tell if the discs were good or not which is why I never tried to copy the last two discs over to the hard drive cause the scans were good, it wasn’t till I tried that I found this problem out. I also copied a movie to disc so I could try reading it in the two dvd players I have, they had reading problems in the same area as my liteon drive. Also short of the SP2 install nothing has been installed or removed in the past month. I have a couple prodiscs and memorex discs laying around I’m going to try different media. I’m hoping its not the Ritek discs cause I still have a bunch of them left.