Unreadable Dvd-r After Backing Up Data With Roxio

Hi folks…I am really sweating here. I backed up all my data (documents, pics, etc) on a DVD-R using Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 using a DVD burner and now when I insert the DVD-R on a DVD drive of any PC the data can not be read.
Problem is I deleted all my data from the hard drive assuming it had all been copied just fine before I checked to make sure. (1st lesson learned).
I then looked up some sites that do disc recovery but the prices are outrageous (2-3k).
Please, please I beg all solutions and suggestions, all my life is on that disc which can’t be read now. :Z

Please be more specific
1 did you close the disc
2 did you add multiple sessions
3 what error messages do you get when trying to
read the disc on your pc
I have used this software since ver 4 and contrary to
popular belief have never had “any” problems backing
up data with it and find it to be much more stable than nero, the answer is there if you provide the correct info

You can try to read your data and extract it using IsoBuster - sounds like a problem it can handle. If the disc is read, you can extract your data from there.