Unreadable disk (2001 disk)


in 2001, I burnt a CD which is still intact and flawless in terms of scratches. It was done via Windows 98 or ME, I can’t remember exactly.

Now, 13 years later, I have to recover data from that disk, and I don’t know where to start!

Here’s the situation: the CD is recognized by my Plextor PX-800A and I can succesfully read the filenames and the label; however, I cannot read data from it. I’m on Mac OS X 10.9 and the Finder freezes when trying to read from it.

Please note that I don’t know if it’s finalized or not.
Please also note that it’s a 650 MB CD-R (it’s one of the old class disks).

I don’t really think it’s totally unreadable. After many minutes of tough work, the PX-800A has been able to recover some lines of the first file, which is an image. My father and I were the people who burnt the disk and we both agree the lines make sense and represent what’s inside the disk.

So, I’m currently thinking it’s a laser issue, because nor the PX-800A neither new burners can easily read a 650 MB CD-R disk which has a different groove in contrast to newer 700+ MB CD-R disks.

I need your help. If you know Windows software that can help this is appreciated too, because we both have Macs and Windows PCs.

Thanks in advance,

I would try IsoBuster .
Also if you could use an older drive it might help.
Try IsoBuster first though.

Thank you!

I’ve tried IsoBuster w/ my Plextor PX800A but it’s been able to recover parts of the images only.

Without them in full format, they’re completely useless.

Thank you anyway :wink:

I don’t have a Mac so I’ve only used Windows software.
I have IsoBuster Pro so maybe that makes some difference.

You could give IsoPuzzle a try . It has the ability to use the .ISO & .flg files it creates in multiple drives . This way if one drive will only read part of the cd another drive may read the other parts . I have even put the files on an external harddrive & use another computer & it’s drive. You have to continue with the same files. When it gets the complete CD it leaves only the .ISO file . This can be mounted in a virtual drive . Then you can just copy & paste the files to your harddrive . Then burn them again if you like.
IsoPuzzle only works well if you use the wnaspi32.dll from h2cdimage.s zip.
You can no longer get this from Nero & even if you do it won’t be the correct one



Kerry56 posted this link . It is supposed to be the correct wnaspi32.dll from h2cdimage . I haven’t tried it but it should be the correct one.