Unreadable data?


How do you find out wich areas to exclude
when you are copying discs with unreadable
data using duplicator?


yeah i want to know also
I tried to copy Rollercoaster Tycoon with Duplicator but it still gets reading errors while making image


You can find them by trying
Just start Duplicator and see when he finds the first bad area… that your first startsector to exclude… then you fill in the endsector of the to exclude area… you use a value thats a bit hire then the start sector… if he still cant find it… increase the value… until he continues …
I can be that there are more than one bad sector area… then you’ll have to repeat this until you can make a complete image…

this procedure takes some time… but It works

You have to increase the value with very smal steps… when you find one that works… make the end value a bit smaller … so you’ll know the exacte value that still works…
when you’ll have them all… use these settings to make the image

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