Unreadable Blocks (Nero CD Speed)


Every time I burn a data cd with nero, the last block on the cd is damaged (says Nero CD Speed)!

All other blocks are Good (99,90 %)!

Burner: LiteOn LTR-40125W WS05

The CD ist 24x rated. I can burn on it from 24x-40x (always one red block at the end)

Has anyone this problem, too?

Please HELP me!

Thanks for reply.

hello madison…dont worry about the red sector at the end of your burns, I have always had this red block…it does,nt occur when I use the dao mode (disc at once), also when I check cd,s burnt on different burners they show the red block also in cd speed. You may get different opinions on this but I dont believe every burn on 4 different burners on different pc’s could produce the same error in the same place. Also if you make a multisession disc you will notice the red block moves to the end of the ‘new’ burnt part or disappears altogether!..hope this helps…dave

  1. Don’t be surprised you get errors on media when you use a faster rated drive and write speed. That speed rating is there for a reason. The higher you go, the greater the probablility you’re going to get errors because you’re writing to a disc @ a speed outside it’s established writing norms. Smartburn helps, but it isn’t 100% effective.

  2. What you are seeing is normal when you do what’s mentioned above. Actually you must have halfway decent media because normally there are more errors. This also happens if you overburn (go over 80M or 700MB).

One other thing, might want to check the disc on another drive. LiteOn CDRWs aren’t the best drives when it comes to reading. I’m sure if you try it on a decent DVD/CD drive, you will find more errors.

Write in Disc-at-once mode with “Finalize CD” checked in nero and the red block will disappear.

Do not write in Track-at-once or Disc-at-once/96…

In Track-at-Once Nero writes it’s own little ‘index’ to tell where the files came from if you add files later. But is is not part of the TOC. So CD Speed can’t find it… But what is curious is that CD Speed is now part of NERO. The original author went to work for NERO and they changed the name to NERO CD Speed. I would love for the author to post some description of these tests and exactly what they are checking. And maybe a ‘heads up’ about the one red block at the end.
I sent him an email today about all this a we will see what comes up. I mentioned him posting more data on his CD2000 website.

Let us know if you see anything.


Thanks for your help!

What CD-R should I use to get best results?

tazdevl…why do you keep saying the Liteon cdrw are not good readers…