Unreadable backup disc with dvdfab



Ever since DVDFAB released their version I’ve been having problems with the dvds that I burn. And it’s been happening with all its versions up to the latest one They are not readable, not by my dvd player, but the discs are readable by my PC. I keep going back to version and that one works great. I’m thinking that it has something to do with their VSO burning engine. Has this been happening to anyone?

I have the same issue with all the new versions of dvdfab. The backup discs are not playable in the dvd player. I did not have any problems with dvdfab till 5.0.6… Even the curren version 5.1… has the same problem… I am not able to play in my dvdplayer. However I am able to play the discs on my PC.(I have a paid copy of the software not trail version)

I am using Verbatim media. Again nothing has changed from before when it was working - same media, same PC, same dvd player. Only DVDFAB version has changed.



I am using the “split” option… I have not tried to compress into one DVD.