Unreadable audio cd

Hello people.I have bought some audio cds before a few years.I was able to play them in a cd player.I tried to rip them but they are not readable by nec,benq,plextor drives.Trying to mount them in linux i get that superblock has a problem.I’m pretty sure that they are playable in a cd player.I don’t own one right now.
Any ideas please?They are very important to me.
Thank you in advance.

Hmm. How are they “unreadable”? Does the CD drive not even recognize that a CD has been inserted? Or does it recognize it, but have a lot of trouble ripping it?

Thanks for replying first of all.In some drives it doesn’t recognize that a cd was inserted.In a better condition the cd is recognized,opening it with explorer for example i can see the tracks but then i cannot play them or even try to rip them.

any ideas please?

What Plex model?
Are you “running” Linux strictly?

Plextor CD-R PX-W4824A.
Using and tried linux and windows.
Thanks for answering.
btw a friend of mine tried to play it in a cd-player but it didn’t work.the specific cd’s are clean and i don’t know why i can’t listen to them.

Important cds…unplayable… :sad:

Ok…now you know what to tell your friends and family you want for Christmas :clap:

You’ve mentioned in your previous post that you’ve bought the CD’s, which led me to believe they’re not CD-R’s, but pressed CD’s?
If they are CD-R’s they’re probably impossible to recover, as your reader (PX-W4824A) is a good reader and should be competent.

Well those cd’s are compilations.A guy created them and i bought them.I suppose he bought some cheap cd’s recorded them and print a graphic on them.
my question is,is it possible after 3-4 years,without using those cd’s everyday,they are now wasted?i mean it’s very strange.they are clean.i have 5 such compilations.all 5 cannot be read.Is there any way to read,extract them?
The fact that some dvdroms read them.show me the tracks but cannot play them?

NEVER trust a CD-R, I’m afraid. Not even the high-quality brands.
I’d say: Consider you’re CD’s as wasted. :eek:

they were wasted because of time?so any audio cd that i may right could have the same results?even data dvd’s that almost everybody uses?


  1. Tell your friends what you want for Christmas (good timing really)
  2. Back-up stuff to HD (it´s simpler than most other options)
  3. Get a beer

i see…
thank you very much for the advices :slight_smile: