Unread copy

hi, i am making like 100 copies with each of my burners a day
(plextor 16/10/40a) using Nero and i really dont know 100% why some of the copies are not okey, they are unreadeable or some files are bad, you can’t them copy to the hard disk. using verbatim/imation/etc good cdr

thanx, and repply me if you know what can it be the problem.

I have that kind of problem too!!!
And I don’t know exactly what is problem!

Have you tried different cdrs? and what is your computers speed?

I’m not sure but I think that little bit make differense if you put your burner to slave or master!

but those “bad” cd what you and I get sometimes are mystery! because I think new 16-24 blank media can haldle 4x burner speed! :wink:

I still don’t but all my copys work in my burner and my normal cd driver is allmost dead so that can’t read even original?

You have to your “customers” what cdroms stose have! then you just have to burn with lover speed like 4… In worstes thing is when you have to burn 1x that TOO big time to wait!!!

So I don’t have direct answer to your quesion! :frowning:

Do you have FTP server?

Can you mail to me "defiz@iobox.fi"

If we can trade stuff?