Unplayed backups vs. Playable Video DVD backups

Tell me if this sounds feasable.

I’d like to make real quick backups of some DVDs. From what I’ve read, in order to get really smooth playing video DVDs, you have to burn at a very slow speed on good media in order to avoid skipping when played on a DVD player.

Is it possible to just burn quick DVD backups that arn’t intended to be played, don’t care if it skips around, and then rip those backups at a later date if I want to make a playable video DVD backup? Would the data from a backup that may skip or pause on playback (burned at 8x) be the same if it was ripped and then reburned at 2x on better media? This is assuming the 8x burn returned no errors when scanned.

u don’t need to burn super slow to get good results - u need good discs and burn them at an acceptable speed. some good 4x media is quite good at 8x (and 12x on certain burners). Burning at a slower speed than the disc was designed for has an increased chance of poorer quality than at the recommended speed (on good discs).
But yes you can rip pre burned stuff and burn them gain (to make other copies). Depends on how ur burner behaves with the disc. If it burns the disc well, no probs at all to re rip. The only time the skipping would come thru is if the movie wasn’t compressed well (or the player just doesn’t like the disc)