Unoficial Firmware anygood



I’ve got a Pioneer DVR-110 (not 110D) and I know there is some unoficial firmware out there for it. Is it any good to use?


Read some threads, eg this one:



I’'d already read and downloaded the Buffalo firmware 8.39 for the DVR-110 from that other thread but it didn’t answer my question which is why i posted this thread.

Is the firmware anygood and are there any problems with using unoficial firmware?

I did try to flash my drive but it gabe me an error “Availale target not found”. Any ideas???


@ crofty83,

Suggest viewing the below posting. This posting is rather extensive and should answer any questions you might have. I believe your question focus is not if the unofficial firmware is “any good” but rather how to install the Buffalo firmware 8.39 correctly on your Pioneer DVR-110. It helps to ask the correct question if you expect to get the correct answer.

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No the original question was is it any good. ie. Will it fuck up my drive


Ehrm. :rolleyes:
Of course, that’s why we use it.

Hey, you have to know what you are doing.
Flashing is always at your own risk!
So, please read the instruction carefully and follow it or let it be.
What you want.


Thats cool. Just wasn’t sure if there were different unofficial firmwares out there and some of them were dodgy thats all. Good thing is from what i’ve read you can always flash it back to the official Pioneer stuff