Unofficial Windows XP “Service Pack 4″ released



We’ve just posted the following news: Unofficial Windows XP “Service Pack 4″ released[newsimage][/newsimage]
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i’m sure there will be a lot of people who are greatly appreciative of this. i for one would like to thank ‘Harkaz’ for making this available. may i ask though, if i understand correctly, SP1 must be installed already and all updates from then on are in this SP4?
moving on a bit, i wonder if anyone has already or could in the near future, make an update disk for MS Office 2003.
it’s ok that MS doesn’t want to support/update certain things anymore, but removing all the files to do with former software is bloody annoying! some of us cant afford to update neither windows nor office!! MS was quite happy for us to spend the amount we did on products, but circumstances change, making updating an impossibility. keeping those old files would hardly take up that much space on it’s machines!!


Besides the guys who run those 500ft electronic billboards plugged into an el cheapo desktop… who the hell is still running windows XP?


[QUOTE=tmc8080;2735376]Besides the guys who run those 500ft electronic billboards plugged into an el cheapo desktop… who the hell is still running windows XP?[/QUOTE] <-- raises hand.

Our accounting system version does not run on 64-bit Windows, so we still use Windows XP for that.

And if you think it’s worth the time upgrading/replacing the accounting system just to use a more modern Windows version, the men with strait-jackets will be coming for you soon! :stuck_out_tongue:


There are 32 bit versions of every Windows operating system since XP Drage. :stuck_out_tongue:

On another note, I hope this “Service Pack 4” doesn’t start showing up on many different sites.

If this thing is going to be used, there really needs to be [B]one[/B] trusted source, since this would be a very easy malware attack route.


Windows ultimate is perfectly capale of running 32 bit apps. The tweaking of compatability mode has also gotten a bit better over the years. IMO, windows xp never fixed the registry corruption / inefficency which eventually happens after installing enough apps on that OS… windows 7 seems more stable in that regard.

Processors that were only 32 bit are ancient… it’s time for an upgrade. At least in the hardware dept. I remember a story about nuclear subs which were running 16 bit apps as late as 2006 supporting radar & torpedo guidance systems.


We don’t need any upgrades, so let’s all upgrade together! :smiley: