Unofficial LG ODD Firmware Links



Two LG Electronics websites. Let’s continue to suggest to LG for some changes in their website management which I think is too disorganized and user-unfriendly.

Temporary firmware and utility download page first of all to serve two South Korean ODD manufacturer’s main ODD products since I can get in touch with the firmware files relatively more frequently than Philips or NEC or Pioneer firmware files though I will try to update as many things as possible.

Don’t forget TDB site (which is also linked on my page.)

And visit appropropriate threads if there’s any for each specific firmware and the respective release announment.


I usually start from, the German site ( often has firmwares before any other regional site…

You’re right Kenshin, their sites are all very disorganized. I guess it’s because they sell certain products only in certain regions, and thus, only provide support on certain regional sites.


German LG site seems to be better organized indeed.

There are some duplicate lists on that page.


Kenshin you’ve got quite a site!
I want to ask you if I could find and burn dual sided DVD RAM for my
4163B?Of course I have to search to find it here in Greece but if you
know something more about the media(I think you are)tell me!
I have II dan’s on ITF! and I like Hong Sang-soo films! :iagree:


There are some double-sided DVD-RAM media. They have 9.4GB space, 2 * 4.7GB side. But users have to eject and re-insert the disc to use the other side each time manually. That’s the major reason why double-sided media are not popular. 9.4GB DVD-RAM media cost a little more than 4.7GB single-sided DVD-RAM media. Compared to DVD+RW and DVD-RW, it is easy to find double-sided 9.4GB DVD-RAM media because DVD-RAM is more reliable and has been on the market for much longer.


Thank you!
To eject and reinsert is nothing serious.
I have seen also at CD/DVD speed that +RW bitsetting can’t be set because
it’s grey out.Any thoughts?


LG DVD burners don’t provide any means to change the booktype on DVD+RW media. One of the small disadvantages.


Alexnoe’s utilities added to the link collection.

As Alexnoe demonstrated well, please use his tools to test GSA-4163B write quality. Of course, one needs a PX-712A. :slight_smile:




The current number of downloadable firmware files either as binary, hex, executable, or a compressed file package for each manufacturer of PC DVD recorders.

Asus: 0
BenQ: 15
LG: 22
Lite-On: 8
NEC: 2
Philips: 2
Pioneer: 1
Plextor: 12
Ricoh: 0
Samsung: 0
TSST: 13
Sony: 8


LG-dedicated page:
Main page:

Not pretty. :sad:

Just tried to make all in one page to fit a typical 1024768 or 800600 window.


GSA-5163D firmware A102 added but not linked for download yet because it’s a test-purpose firmware at this moment. Forwarded to TDB as well. So far, there’s no publicly available firmware for GSA-5163D. For that matter, no firmware for GSA-4163B on LG’s domestic homepage though there are A102 available on US, German, Japanese, and some other country’s LG homepages.

Anybody saw GSA-5163D on sale anywhere?


Hi, i saw a Hitachi drive (LG 4160B) temped to buy,was offered a good price!!
How’s the write quality, as good as NEC on cheap media, is it close?
Where i can i read a review about it?
Can i just flash it directly into a hitachi drive??
If not where can i find Hitachi firmware then??


Hitachi-branded GSA-4160B seems to use the same firmware.


I am confused by the number of firmware,
firmware of the lastest version of external burner(5163d) is A102,
but the firmware of 5160d is A302,
how does LG define the number of firmware?
the bigger the newer, or the smaller the newer?


5160(4160) are different drives than 5163(4163) thats why they have different firmawres


For 5163D: A100 < A101 < A102
For 5160D: A300 < A301 < A302

A1, A2, A3 usually do not mean anything. They are used to cause less confusion for identifying the right firmware.

00, 01, 02, 03… ** are version numbers for firmware files released to the public (=retail.)


thanks, I see


i would like to see auto book typing in the next firmware upgrade for all LGs…especailly LG GSA 4163B…with auto book typing…the GSA-4163B will be flawless


What are the advantages of upgrading to A115 Firmware for the LG HL-DT-ST GSA-4120B? I use A112 that I downloaded from the dangerous brothers, this works great.