Unofficial driver for 812s?



Hi everyone,

I 'm new to here. I have a liteon 812s (yes it’s very old … :p) and I want to patch it to a dual layer model, so I googled and found here.

I have read some post mentioned this feature, like:

But I found all the links for the drivers are broken. I also check the FAQ to see where to download drivers. But it seems they are down as well.

Where can I find the unofficial drivers? Your help would be appreciated, thanks in advance. :clap:


unfortunately,, the hoster of the codeguys’ site is down. you have to wait, it will be back soon.


Thank you chok0, good to know that the site has not gone. During this chinese new year, wish you all the best in the come year of the rat. :flower:[U][U]:flower: