Unnesesary copying


i have several dvd’s on my hard disk and burning them takes a lot of time because he first copies the dvd to a temporary location somewhere else on my harddisk and then he burns it…
me question is how i could shut off the copying part so he burns directly…

greets torhunter

Third button “write existing data” might help.

Clonedvd2 will copy them to a temporary folder if you burn to the dvd burner, but be sure that you check the box to delete the temporary files after writing on the last page, and that will take care of the problem. I think that is what you are talking about.

I think what torhunter wants to do is copy disc’s “on the fly” You can’t really do this as Clone DVD is not able to process the data in this form. Apart from CD on the fly copying, I don’t think any programme can do this with DVD’s, at least, I’ve never seen one. Maybe someone else has?

It does, if you don’t want to modify the source data: Third button “write existing data”.

what is on the fly exactly?

Maybe a link is better than a thousand words… :wink:

Google link.

In short: “To write on the fly means to write directly from source data to CD/DVD data without first writing a disc image”

Remember: google is your friend! :smiley:



As I suspected, using the “write existing data” button won’t work. It might if you use a DL disc, but using this to copy directly from a DVD bypasses all the screens except the last one, then the movie is too big to fit on a standard single layer disc and I’m not quite sure if it will copy the whole disc as the original. I’m not risking a DL disc to find out!

But the original poster said he already had it on his hard drive, so, write existing data would work fine in his case.