Unmodded HDD dead?

i have an xbox which is about 4 yrs old and now it doesnt boot to the dashboard/anything, just get a blank screen. it sounds like the HDD is crashing? is it possible to put a new HDD into this if the old one is dead? if so how?


It is definitely possible if you mod the XBOX. If you aren’t willing to do that then it becomes a little more difficult (I believe you have to pair a mobo and stock HD together).

He says it won’t boot.

Dont you think that will make modding it a little difficult? :slight_smile:

To be honest, the 1st poster posted a question in a quite questionable way. I mean, he talks about everything but the usable information is almost ZERO.

Who cares how old his Xbox is, it has nothing to do with booting or not booting, BUT he should have said something about the error itself. He got black screen. WHEN ? When powering on, or when the animation is over and it starts to boot, or when ? “Sounds so” he states, if he knows what the problem then WHY DOES HE ASK ? To be honest, anything can be repaired but with such limited information none will be able to tell him what to do, not to mention, how could I suggest to chip the shit, read the eeprom, make a bootdisk, insert a new hdd, boot from the disk, reformat the disk and there he is, then if needed, remove the mod and that’s it. But I belive he has no clue what I am talking about, so why should I bother… :eek:

regards, Stephen

Hmm. . .

  1. Purchase modchip and reflash bios

  2. Install chip in XBOX

  3. Buy any computer IDE HD and replace the old one in your XBOX

  4. Use Slayer’s Evox installer or Autoinstaller Deluxe to format new HD

  5. BAM, perfect working modded XBOX.

You don’t need a functioning HD to mod the xbox. You are correct that it would make it difficult for doing a softmod though.