Unlucky 13? And Multiples?



I have read several articles on this forum regarding NEC 3500 Buffer Problems. But there is one thing I have no answer to yet. Whenever I write a DVD be it - or + the buffer drops exactly (always) at 13% and its multiples like 26% and so on. Happens with rw too. Now is this normal for everyone? I do not have a bad burn not even one. But why does the buffer always drop at 13 and its multiples. Is no 13 really unlucky for NEC 3500?


I think that’s normal and that it is caused by the drive doing a recalibration of the writing parameters. My 3520 does it too. If you look at some of the write curves from other people, they show up as little dips in the curve at regular intervals.


for comfermation read the nec faq


It is normal and it is a good thing. Search for AOPC in this forum.