Unlocking xbox hard drive

ive been tryin for the past couple days to connect to my xbox usuing a crossover cable. i have the evox dashboard installed on it. ive tried severl different ftp programs but all of them say they can not retieve the directory listings. i have my ips and gateways set up right because it will connect it just wont let me access the file system if someone knows what to do let me know.

Which FTP programs have you used? The only one that I have had any luck with (concerning the XBOX) is FlashFXP. Also, if you have access to a router, I would go with that method. A router seems to be more reliable than the crossover method.

ive tried smartftp and filezilla. the sites i got them from had good reviews on them. i dont have access to a router either.

Get FlashFXP. IMHO it is almost a must if you are using the XBOX. The others may have gotten good reviews but that is because the majority of people who are using them aren’t networking to a modded XBOX.

ok thanx ill try that

FlashFXP is indeed THE best client there is, but SmartFTP and FileZilla should be able to handle the XBOX (Evox/Avalaunch) FTP server too.

Do you know for sure your network is set up right? Is the XBOX in the same IP range as the PC you want to access it from?

@ onecall… it sounds like you need to enable passive mode, or there is a firewall issue…check that you have made an exception for your ftp prog in your firewall settings…

On topic… to unlock an xbox harddrive you can either “hotswap” or look at the tutorials here http://www.llamma.com/xbox/