Unlocking Riplock LiteOn SHW-160P6S

SO rip lock has me all locked up,as well as the drive dose random coasters on DVD9’s,so what can I do to try and fix any of this?

C0deking Litey 5S & 6S modified firmwares

So what kind of DL media are you burning, and how do you go about it?

damn fast reply!!!
thankies!! ^^

Office depot 2.4X

its funny I have more errors when I use 2.4speed they like 4X better 0-o

I have a sony dru 820a and it has no troubles

I also use Verbatim for normal DVDs and they rarely coaster on the LG its 8ish months old perhaps I should get another sony >>

I realy should use Verbatim for DL’s but 40-50 for 25 hurts ><

anything but verbatim dl (and ricohjpn) usually will either not burn well or will die pretty soon.

My reiteks are still working :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to put them on a better medium soon tho its been a year L


by soon I mean a few months - years :bigsmile:
I have some cmc cd-rs and playo dvd-rs (remember those?) that aren’t readable anymore :a

meh I just need to update my collection with verbatim DL’s maybe when I can snag a 50 pack some time this year :stuck_out_tongue: