Unlocking region code on RDR-HXD970



[qanda]This question is published in the hardware section for the Sony RDR-HXD970. Click here to view full specs.[/qanda]I have a Sony <span >RDR-HXD970 DVD recorder which I purchased in the UK that is will only play region 2 DVD’s. I have a large number of region 1 DVD’s that I would like to play on this machine. I recently purched a One For All remote (URC 7562) and attempted to follow a series of arcane instructions (advised on another site) that would supposedly unlock my player - to no avail! I would be eternally grateful if anyone could advise me if I am barking up the wrong tree here. </span>


Have you looked in the settings for a region code option? It may be there in the menu someplace. I would call Sony Support and tell them you have many region 1 DVDs, and ask is there a way to play them. I imagine there could be many senarios where someone moved to the UK from the USA, does that mean their DVD Collection is now worthless? I have to believe there is an answer for this, maybe a firmware that Sony will give you. I am just guessing here but it seems that they should give you at least 1 chance to change the region code without having to jump though hoops. Sorry if I could not be of more help. Happy Holidays.