Unlocking Panasonic SA-MT1 home theatre

I have read alot of the dvd hacks for other panasonics, but does anyone know how to make this region free!! I would happily get universal remote(which one?) if that could unlock it, but need confirmation plz!?

Thanks alot


I know im prob in the wrong area but this is my first day on this site and i dont know my way around but I have a question I really need answered…here it is…I made a music dvd containing over 700 songs…it shows all song when I play it inmy computer but when I play it in my home theater system(which has never had a problem with this type of dvd before).I get a message that says"showing the first 648 files only", and it will not play pass that number…can anyone tell me why that might be?..again thanks in advance for all your help and sorry for possibly posting this in the wrong place but I couldn’t fine anywhere that said “post new thread”…thanx again…have a great day