Unlocking dvd code

hi my mate recently brought me some dvds back from the u s and they wont play on my dvd player does any one no how to crack the code on a phillips dvp3020 so i can watch them? thanks

Search the model on www.videohelp.com - that’s where I found the multi-region hacks for our two Philips players. :slight_smile:

is there any way i can get it to read avi files or divx aswell?

Not if it doesn’t come with that support already, I shouldn’t think. Someone may prove me wrong though (if they do, let me know how I can do mine as well LOL).

if there in avi format you can convert them to dvd standard, then burn them to disc.

wen i put them in the dvd pllayer it says unknown

if you want to convert them you will have to do this on the PC, using a program like winavi

Or ConvertXtoDVD, works great for me. :slight_smile:

or SVCD2DVD it’s only a £1 just now, it makes a good job of it aswell, takes a bit of time though, you’ll also need IMGBURN installed aswell