Unlocking drive

after an error notification(like i "not cd into the drive) i put into a new cd and drive becomes locked, i can’t unlocking it anymore, i’ve to restart the pc, how can fix it?
thank to all

On the asumption you’re using a version of Windows; first (as in now) turn off autoplay on your drives (for many reasons).

Then when your drive locks up; use the task manager. Go to processes then find the Nero… key. Right click on it and chose ‘end process tree’ click yes (in Xp/200/98) or End Process Tree (again, in Vista).
In Vista 64 you may need to go to the services tab as well and stop the SuperFetch and SearchIndexer services as well by right clicking and choosing stop.

I recently had to solve this problem on my system as well. Please see the thread titled “Drive locked / reset drive” for a solution.