Unlocking an Optiarc AD-7530b dvd drive



I’ve got the brother-in laws laptop here running vista and somehow it changed it’s region code to 1 and locked itself out. He wouldn’t have changed the region codes (barely knows how to turn the laptop on), and I watched a DVD on region 4 ok last night. How did it change the region code on its’ own? More to the point how do I unlock it?:a


I doubt you can. See this thread.


[QUOTE=Mr. Belvedere;2494186]I doubt you can. See this thread.[/QUOTE]
thanks for the reply.I checked out the thread however the problems discussed didn’t relate to region codeing. I suspect you’re right though. Not much can be done.
thanks anyway


I’d advise to use software to remove all the region locks from all inserted media. Try for instance AnyDVD. You can try this software for several days before purchasing it.