Unlocking a Wii safely



I have been hearing alot from my friends about unlocking a wii to be able to play burned games First question: I heard that there is a strong possibility of “bricking” a Wii and I definately don’t want that! Second question does anyone no the easiest and safest way to do this? Third question: has any one that has done this tried it with Wii unlocker (the software?). I could really use some clear paths to take.:doh:


You should scroll down to the Game Consoles forum here at MyCE. There are some very good Wii guides there which should answer some of your questions.


Moving you over to the ‘Game Consoles’ sub forum :slight_smile:


First of all the chance of your console getting bricked now or in the future will still be a reality. It can be entirely possible that new games , updates or firmware may render your hacked wii totally useless. There is absolutely no warranty whatsoever.

Here’s a pack to enable homebrew on your Wii. I’m not sure if you can play backups now, but i’ve never been interested in that anyway.

And remember, all your actions are your sole responsibility.