Unlock the GigaRec read speed!

If you often use GigaRec, you may notice that Plextor drives will only read the GigaRec disc at max 8x (green line). Well now, our friend BenQ DW1655 will read the disc a lot faster (red line).

In the attachment below, the 104:05 mins GigaRec 1.3x disc was created with PX-712A. At this point, only DW1655 (and of course Plextor) can read the disc. None others of my drives can, including NEC 3540, LiteOn 1693, LG 4163, and BenQ 1620/1640.

Thanks to Jan70 from this thread.

The LG 4120B can read even GigaREC 1.4x discs, however, seeking is extremely slow, and you have to limit read speed to not more than 24x, otherwise seeking results in error messages.

I don’t have a GR 1.4x disc at the moment, and i’m too lazy to make one, but i’ll soon add a screen shot about 1.3x GR reading in that drive

Thanks alexnoe. My LG 4163 can’t read the disc.

The downside is, DW1655 cannot read GigaRec disc over 105 mins. At least that was the result of my initial tests.

Which CD-R? Maybe the drive is a bit sensitive to media quality when reading gigarec? I’m sure I tried it on the 4163B before LG wanted it back, and i’m sure it worked

Left one with maximum read speed, right one with read speed being set to 32x

I forgot: The Toshiba 1502 and newer Toshiba DVD-ROMs could read GigaREC 1.2x discs at 60x about 2 years ago :wink:

That is exactly what I have noticed!
I wondered why my Pioneer DVD-120S could read the GigaRec disc’s faster then the
Plextor drive wich created it.
The Pioneer drive seems to make no difference between GigaRec or normal discs, seeking time is very fast and reading at full spead :wink:

Really? I’ve tried on several pioneer dvd-recorders, actually all I had (A03, A06, A08, A09), none of them even recognised gigarec discs…

DVD-120S is a DVD-ROM model, maybe produced by AOpen. :wink:

Yes, the DVD-120S drive is DVD-ROM - it is the same like the A05 wich I had before
(it was broke so I got the 120S for replacement)
I did not test the 1,4x GigaRec function, but all others are running smooth.

My 1648 AAP/PRO reads Gigarec 1,3 up to 60x. :bow: