Unlock Slower Burning Speeds?

I am in need to burn cd’s at slower speeds (ideally 2x/4x ish) and I have a LG 52x24x52x burner and Pioneer A06 dvd burner, the Pioneer does 4x minimum but the LG only does 8x… is there a way to unlock 2x for both of these drives? Or go any lower?

Unless you have some truly ancient media, the results are going to get worse below 8x - if some piece of hardware cannot read your 8x (LG) or 4x (Pioneer) burn, it’s not going to be happy with a 2x burn.

I’m using new Ridata 48x CD-Rs, and burning them at 4x compared to 8x makes a WORLD of difference.

I found out that Alcohol 12o% will write at 4x to my LG burner, but only 16x to my Pioneer burner :smiley: But now at least I have 4x on both, and that’s all I need.

Isn’t there some kind of patch you can unlock all speeds with? If one software can do it, its not a hardware limitation…

The software says 4x, but is the time consistent with 4x?

Some demo software was locked at 1x, which meant that most drives would do their minimum speed if they couldn’t do 1x.

Maybe the freeware “Burnatonce” - that may well open all speeds, possibly even speeds the drive doesn’t know, so you will have to evaluate the time taken, if it allows you to select 4x, 2x or 1x

I timed it, and Alcohol does indeed burn at 4x, which is good, so I figured I’ll use DiscJuggler to burn to DVD-ROM at 4x and Alcohol to burn at 4x :wink: Thanks for the help…