Unlock Region of Pioneer DV-333



I followed the recipe I found on the web to unlock a dv-333 player but had no luck.
Here it is
Pioneer DV-333

  1. Turn on with no disc in.
  2. On the remote control, press SETUP.
  3. Select GENERAL (check that the SETUP is on “BASIC”).
  4. Press DISPLAY.
  5. Press CONDITION.
  6. Choose region code and quit SETUP.
    I see the region, but it does not allow me to change it. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to change the region. Your assistance is very much appreciated.


Pioneers can not be made region free with such simple methods. Usually you need another device (Palm, Pocket PC, Mobile phone) to go through the procedure.


Alex - Do you know exactly how to unlock with another device? Any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks!


Buy one of the “Video Enhancer Device” or Video Stabilizer then can have it Region free and Macrovision free.


This is the way posted here: http://www.videohelp.com/dvdhacks.php?select=Pioneer+DCS-333


I do own this DVD player and have had it for a few years. I like it very much.

First of all, most of your info is correct. (Alex doesn’t know what he’s
talking about).

follow Steps 1-4 (they are correct)

Step 5 you shoud press “DISPLAY”

At this, you should see something like

Region: 1/Ver: 1.054(4) /AV1: 7.00

Step 6: Press “Condition Memory”

Then, if you have the remote control that comes with this
unit, use one of the buttons marked as 1-0 (this selects
the desired region)

Step 7: Press “Setup”

That should complete the region change. Apprently you can
change the region as many times as you wish.


I followed this procedure several times and even hitting the “menu” button too before hitting setup and even turning the player off and then on after everything - still stuck on region 1.

I’m about to get a new dvd player…


Will these instructions work for an XVDV303?


If you have the remote control that came with the dvd player, that is enough. I have a Pioneer DV-333 and it has been possible to change the region code using ONLY the remote control. I did not need any other devices to do this. You don’t need a PDA or anything like that.


That’s not true. I’ve changed the region code on this DVD player many times using ONLY the remote control.


Yes, this is the correct process!!! Thanks for posting an accurate method.

Despite what others have said here, I didn’t need anything other than the remote that came with the dvd player