Unlock phones to all networks


Could someone direct me to a website (forum preferably) that tells you how to unlock a phone as well as provide you with the software needed, particularly the nec e616.

Thank you.


smartcalc unlocking software

smartcalc seems to only be for nokia phones, not nec e616.
and that howardforums doesn’t seem to show how to do it, i’d rather do it myself.

Ok i guess the best thing would be if someone directed me to a website that tell you everything you need to know to understand all the different ways of how to unlock phones (like a dvd region flashing forum).

Form there i guess i can then go onto findin gout how to unlock the nec, at the moment i’m not understanding a word of what people are saying ont hese websites i’m visiting.

Would seriously appreciate the help, if you can help please spare a few seconds to direct me in the right direction.

Try here or do a search in google or other search engine…

An alternative: http://forum.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=117895&highlight=e616