Unlock code

i have recently moved to nz and bought this player which is an LG DV380 dvd player but it will not play my english or us dvd’s i have been told i need an unlock code can you help?

Welcome to CD Freaks :slight_smile:

After a quick look around, the following remote control sequence should unlock the restriction on this LG DVD player:

[li]Press “Open” to eject the DVD tray[/li][li]Press “0” three times. [/li][li]A region test screen should now appear. [/li][li]Now press “0”, “Pause” and “Open” in sequence.[/li][/ol]

One post I came across said to wait 1 second between each press of ‘0’, so if this doesn’t work, try again, but wait a second or two between each key press. :wink: