Can anyone please help. I just bought the latest Samsung 3D Blu-Ray player. I have many DVD from overseas and currently can not play them. Does anyone Know the Unlock code.? It does not have a model number on it. On the machine itself it says Smart Hub. On the user Manual in top right hand corner of the cover it says BD-F6500. I hope that information helps.
Thank You.
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This is the only one I found:


Thank You very much. Just tried it and it worked great. I have a lot of old series from England, Hong Kong action movies, and Japanese Anime, So i am very happy i can now watch them. Once again, Thank You very much for your help. I appreciate it.
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Please Help.
The unlock code was good. It worked. No problems. BUT, then all of a sudden it stopped working. I can’t watch any of my overseas DVD or Blu Ray. I tried typing in the unlock code again. It still won’t work. I was wondering if because it updates it self could an update had reset it or something. SO… does anyone know or have a New unlock code. Not sure wether to post this request here or start a new thread. Hope somebody can help. AllThe Best.