Unlock code for lite-on DD-A110



hi, im new to this forum and i have just bought a lite-on DD-A110 dvd recorder on teh box it says its a region 2 player are there any codes to make it region free please? thankyou


welcome to the forums

REGION CODE-FREE via Remote Control (This hack also works for other
LiteOn players / recorders).
As for other Liteon DVD recorders

Region free hack:

  1. Press “Setup” on remote.
  2. Scroll down and highlight “Exit” (bottom box in menu).
  3. While “[B]Exit[/B]” is [B]highlighted[/B] enter 2,9,6, and 0 and press “Enter”.
    (When I tested on this machine, did not have to press “Enter”).
  4. A hidden menu pops up and you can select your region.
  5. Select “region free”, it may also be “0” or “00”
  6. Press “Setup” to exit
    Machine is now Region Code-Free.