Unlimited On-Line DVD Rentals?

Who here has tried and canceled after the “free” first month of unlimted on-line DVD rentals? Is it true that you can cancel whenever you want during this “free” period? The reason I’m asking is because I’ve heard many, many negative things about shipping and on-line rentals, so I’d like to use this first month as an evaluation. Thanks.


you can get a lot of info from this thread here

I went with the NetFlix 2 week free trial I am am very impressed with their turnaround time. I will now sign up for Blockbuster’s 2 week free trial and see how they are.

My opinion is that if you find one your pretty happy with and they seem to be good during the two week trial just stick with them for awhile to see how they really hold up. It’s hard to tell in the first two weeks to see what they really do. Keep Netflix for a couple months if you think they look decent and see how they really fair.

I’ve found it takes at least 2 months to see how they really perform, it varies quite a bit each week. I’ve used Blockbuster for a couple months and sometimes the DVDs get back in a day or two and they send new ones right away so the fastest turnaround can be 3 DVDs in 3-4 days. But this past week it took 4 days for them to receive the discs and send new ones, so worst case its been about 3 DVDs per week. But they didn’t ship the top 3 in my list though they showed as “available” probably they decided based on a day or so old info since the day before they were listed as “short wait” - the problem is by the next time they ship one those will probably be “short wait” again!

I signed up for Walmart DVD rentals but it was soo bad I had to cancel after my free trial. Its by far the worst online DVD rental available. IMHO Netflix is the best.

Netflix with throttle you back if you get more than 12/month for several months. However they seem to be the best available overall and $1.50 per rental ain’t bad.

Must concur with Juggernaut’s assessment, as Netflix now screws me by delaying each DVD effectively 2 days before they ship it, and it might get here the next day or in 4.

I cannot concur Netflix is the best, however, because if it was truly ‘unlimited,’ they would not care how many you got. I could understand them ‘delaying’ more for high end users (that get more than 3/time), but when they screw the 3/time users like me, who are at the low-end use of the totem poll, that’s just low to me. Just be upfront and say “unlimited” during free trial and MAYBE the first two months, but after that, you’ll only get 12 max. When it’s like that, their service is on par with Blockbuster and sure can’t be classified #1. :a

It must cost them $1 to ship and handle a single disk. After a certain number, they must lose money by having you as a customer. If you notice that they are delaying you, they don’t have much incentive to make things better for you. If they make you happy, they lose money, if you get pissed and quit, what do they care, you were not a profitable customer anyway.

ding ding ding winner, which is why no online dvd rental thing can be classified as number 1 or the best until one company figures out a way to keep making money no matter how many dvd’s they send you in one month

That’s a very good post, Ted. thumbs up :iagree:

I don’t mind if Netflix or Blockbuster make money, it’s just how they advertise their program (i.e., should follow “truth in advertising law”). If it’s 3-at-a-time and unlimited, then it should be ‘no delays’ and ‘no limit’ as advertised. If they were to have said going in “3-at-a-time, 12-16 max/month,” then I would have had no problem with that. I just amazes me the number of people and companies that outright lie, advertise it, but when they are called on it, there’s no explanation or answer (well, what would they say? “Oh, I’m sorry sir, but we are lying–you’re quite right!”). All I say is JUST BE HONEST with the consumer to start off with. That’s not hard to do, and that’s all Netflix or Blockbuster should do. :stuck_out_tongue:


but i think i saw on the blockbuster site that they are currently building a whole crap load of distribution centers so lets see what they do once they start to get one day shipping going on for everyone

maybe they could cut a deal with the post office to pay less shipping, like letting post office workers get some free rentals or discounted rentals, im sure there is something

You’re right, Ted, although I think they’ve been advertising those extra distribution centers since I was originally there (March). Their service wasn’t too bad before they had them, but it was less efficient (sometimes the DVDs getting back to the warehouse took longer than it should).

BTW, I would estimate a DVD only costs about .38-.50/ea. with the volume discount both BB and NF would get. Considering you and I can burn a DVD for about .50/ea., their cost is probably about half or less (.20-.25). So really, the cost per DVD rental for both would be about $1/ea, with s/h included…

yea, i remember the ad said by the end of 2005, maybe meaning they wont be operational til the end of the year, i dunno

but also with blockbuster you get those 2 free in store rental coupons every month so
with your monthly total for blockbuster you get to add in those 2 right there

and blockbuster is cheaper then netflix, so you might get less movies but with the lower monthly fee, your price per dvd might actually be the same or even lower then netflix