Unleashed Unrated Jet Li

Hello All

I am trying to back up Unleashed with no success i get no seek complete errors with dvddecryptor and cyclic redundancy check with Dvd shrink Dvdfabdecrypter gives no errors but when i use shrink i get errors any suggestions

try using clonedvd2 and anydvd from slysoft.com. Its a 21 day trial. good luck.

It worked Thanks also what is the diffrence how come DVDShrink dosent update their software to fix problems like this?

DVDShrink no longer updates (and hasn’t for a WHILE)

DVD Decrypter also recently bit the bullet I think (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong)

DVDFABDecrypter should still be updated, but honestly, I haven’t found anything that updates as quickly as anydvd. whatever the new encryption was on Lords of Dogtown (Sony), slysoft had an update ready for Anydvd before the film ever hit the shelves in the US thanks to the good video store workers who get it early and send them the files they need to crack it.

my 21 day trial with anydvd just ended, and I’m going nuts without it.

I usually use anydvd with dvdshrink, and it works marvelously, but the reccommended combo is usually anydvd and clonedvd as they are from the same company.

DvdShrink is no longer updated as its author now works for Nero developing Nero Recode. :wink:

Dvd Decrypter will never be updated because its author was forced to cease all development and support by Macrovision. :sad:

DvdFab in all its varieties is updated regularly. :slight_smile:

so what is a software that is similar to dvd shrink? the reason i like this program is because it let you set the compression ratio or take unwanted stuff oout

I now use the above stated programs that were suggested for the troublesome programs. they sortof work like DVDshrink

ok this is what everybody need to do. first, use anydvd and dvddecryptor and make a complete copy of the dvd to your HD. then use dvdshrink to make any adjustment. this is what i did and it worked fine.

It may have worked for you Boss but it didnt work for me i used the initial suggestion and that worked i still use dvdshrink for most of my backups but for the pain in the A!? ones i use the other.

You can continue to use DVDShrink. AnyDVD (usually) works fine together with Shrink, and if Shrink fails Nero Recode fails as well. In these cases, use elby CloneDVD2.

Hey all this is only my third post here, I ran into the same problem and have been ever since DVDD decided to be homos and quite being the best. So now if I can’t use that prog I use Super DVD Copy, run a quick google search and get it, IT WORKS EVERY TIME. Hope it helps someone out.