Unleash X Video Skins

Well, no one seems to have made a thread for skins that they have done for the XBOX, so I will start one.

Okay the two sites (allxboxskins.com and xbox-skins) are being lame. So I have uploaded my videoskins elsewhere. Feel free to pick them up and enjoy. I am still new to the videoskinning process so bare with me.

Here is a Vid Skin for Supertroopers. The “Meow” Scene as the main skin and a funny clip from the begining of the movie for the load screen.


Here is a Vid Skin for The Jet Li Movie “The One” The end scene where he takes on everyone in the prison. With a short clip of a detonator exploding as the load screen.


Here is one for the Independent movie short Grayson directed by John Fiorella. Yes it is the whole thing so it is a pretty big file. The load screen is just a short clip from it.


This last one I got a little more creative with. I essentially did a music video for Nightwish’s “Wishmaster” using a clip from Star Wars: Episode III. It’s the scene where Yoda faces off with Darth Sidius and Obi-Wan faces off against Anakin. As you will see the music matches the scene beautifully. The load screen is a quick clip of Darth Sidius and Yoda facing off with electrical bolts.