Unknown protection

Hye, it is my first post and I want to said hello.

Now my problem:

I want to make a back-up of a Dictionnary (on Cd) called “Larousse expression”

It is installed into hard disk

I scan with A-aray & DiscScanX (last version) : no protection found.

I try to use ClonyXXL and “No disc found”. Il was impossible to read teh disc.

How to manage ?

I have a Plextor Premium, I think to do a

  • BWA file
  • Alcohol image
  • and use TwinPeak to manage it

As I unknow the protection, which profile to use with alcohol 120% ??

Thanks for reply

I scan with A-aray & DiscScanX (last version) : no protection found.

I would trust Aray over Clony XXL, have you tried to do a straight up copy with Nero? Try that, if no luck use the “General Protected CD” Datatype in Alcohol.

Thx Polluschon,

I can believe that “General Protected CD” is enough generic to do it.

I am not paranoic, but what do you think about this protocol for unknow protection :

  1. Make an mdf with Alcohol "“General Protected CD” datatype
  2. Make a bwa analyse with BWA Builder 5.1
  3. Patch mdf with bwa using TwinCreator (twin sector step: use the default of 15).
  4. Burn patched mdf with Alcohol

Ok for you ?

I go back to Alcohol and I don’t find any “General Protected CD” Datatype !

I have ProtectCD v5, and all other but not généric one.

What about ?

Woah Woah Woah. Before you try to insert Twin peaks into an image which is only used for SecuROM 4.8x/5.x protections, have you tried making a strait copy with any datatype?

No, as I don’t know the protection.

It is a french dictionnary, and the soft need the CD-rom into the driver to run.

It is quite a simple protection (id check, file check) and certainly not a deep game protection.

So I had think to do a sample protocol to get the best clone back-up as possible.

For that, I believe that a good Alcohol image (with sub-channels…) + a patch with bwa file is a good way.

I am wrong ?

things to do with BWA’s normally are only to be used for protections which physically modify the CD’s structure, which i doubt the protection used on your CD is. Have you attempted a backup with just any settings at all (forget about the protection for now)?

Yes it work, but :

  • after installation, the software tell that the original is need
  • and it work without it in the driver !

So I am sure, that at a moment, during a certain period or a certain work, the dictionnary will do a check …

Wich datatype do you propose to get a got quality clone

Personnal setup with subchannel and efm correction ?

ok bwa is to find and to clone density variation used into copy protection (my plextor work fine with it), but don’t you believe that it can be used to make a back-up as close as the original ?

If it was SecuROM protected BWAs would be useful for it. But you can detect SecuROM with copy protection scanners. Plus, you have a Plextor Premium, which gives you an enoumous advantage meaning you don’t have to do any BWA Patching.

EFM is only used with the SafeDisc Protection.

If you wanted my advice, play it safe and enable Skip Reading Errors, Read SubChannel from current disc, and select a slow reading speed like 10x. Then, use BlindWrite 4’s BWA Builder to build a BWA and post a screenshot of what the BWA looks like.

I only get BlindWrite 5’s BWA Builder It is ok to ?

I just try with securom new, and it do a lot of reading error, so i am sure that there is a copy protection

If you have a Registered BlindWrite 5 and you can run the BB 5 then that’s fine. Where are these reading errors (sector wise?) where do they start and where do they end (if they do)?

Try scanning some DLLs (when the program is installed) with Protection iD.

To merther02
Thx, I try but Protection iD. don’t give any result : File appears to have no protection or is using an unknown protection on all files…

To $CyBeRwIz$

I had do another copy and

Alcohol said :

Data examination error at : 293548
Ready disc error to : 293591
to 293949






and 2 hours after we are at 304732

and it is not finish

I post when it is done …

it is bad to the end about 358446…

first BwA

second after a clear

I am hope and waiting for your expert analysis

Hey. If the CD works normally there is defineately a protection on it. Is there any signs of any rings or anything on the original CD?

(Both the DPM reader and the BWA Builder hate read errors so i don’t think reading the disc with it should be an option anymore.)

Hi can you please me the exe to rico’AT’aray-software.com ?

To $CyBeRwIz$ : of course there is no ring !

To R!Co : it is done here

To $CyBeRwIz$ :
Another thing, installed the dictionnary is about 79 Mega, and the disc is about 836 Mega (a disc full of wind), just to trick …

OK, I try a copy with Alcohol like you propose : “play it safe”

  • enable Skip Reading Errors,
  • Read SubChannel from current disc,
  • and select a slow reading speed like 10x.

And we wait and see …

Thx for your help

Seems to be newer Laserlock star. Bad luck, cause no software nor writer can deal with it yet.

First pair of 8 sector are weak, and rest are normal data error. Check for a hidden folder named Laserlock. You should find two or three files ( .in and .out) which are 20 mb in size in total.

Let us know.

Morg @ CdSTeam

TIP: Only your plextor will make a 1:! copy ( not a 1:1), but it will last a few hours to complete ( 3-4). Visible ring are only for experts in the outer zone of CD, but it is there.

@Rico: For detecting purposes, check at the end of CD (98%) for two pairs of 8 weak sector before the normal ones

To Morglum007 :

  • no laserlock directory … and the specialysed dictionnary dated from 2003.

  • For the ring, bingo

As a newbies, I had take a quick look (about the clasical two rings), and don’t take care about a little near the center

Around the center you can read : Made in Germany by Universal M & L

That’s not the ‘ring’ causing the errors as CDs are read from inside to the outside and the errors are at the end of the disc. The Laserlok directory is hidden did you enable seeing all hidden folders in the settings?