Unknown protection, expertise needed

I have an audio cd with what it seems like an unbeatable protection. Let me summarize,
I have a Plextor 40/12/40, i never ever had any problems reading any protection before. In EAC it lists all the tracks as datatracks and can therefor not be read (for what i know), detect TOC doesn’t work, EAC will crash. I am able to make an image of it in CloneCD but i cannot mount it in either program (DTools, Alcohol) because of a certain “Unable to mount image. SYNC field not detected! Image may be corrupt”. How can this be possible?

Any ideas or tips, please let me know. I’ll try anything

Try to extract the tracks of your ccd image with Cdmage!!
Is it a multisession disk? In this case only read first session with CCD.
Read at low speed (4x)
You can also try Feurio or Plextools
Have you tried a protection scanner to identifiy ?
Any further information would be helpful.

Sounds like a doc.loc to me…are there 2 small circles on the disc’s surface?

1 is placed approx 1 cm from the beginning,the other 1cm from the end…

I can’t understand why i didn’t try out CdMage as a second solution but thanks Vaira for pointing it out, it worked :smiley:

Vaira : To answer your questions quickly,
ClonyXXL was unable to detect the protection. It is NOT a multisession disk, Plextools couldnt even read the disc, the program just hung. And i did read it with 4x in CCD but that didnt work very well, died on 70% every time, very odd

roadworker : Thanks for putting that out, the circles are there, i guess you’re absolutely correct :slight_smile:

So, i did read the cd in CCD with max speed, then just extracted the tracks with CDMage to .wav, worked as a charm. Thanks alot guys for the feedback!

Originally posted by menahol
So, i did read the cd in CCD with max speed, then just extracted the tracks with CDMage to .wav, worked as a charm.

If this works why didn’t you just burn the CloneCD image?

If the used protection is Doc.loc, you should be able to find a reference to ‘Doc.loc’ on the inner-ring of the cd (data side of cd).

For more info on determining the used protection see the last link mentioned in my signature.

Hey Upp3rd0G,
I’ve read your article several times and it’s been very useful.
I have a question about ClonyXXL though, how does it work really? :slight_smile: Maybe it’s because i dont have the aspii drivers that Clony requires, but i recall you shouldnt download adaptecs aspi drivers if you have Win2000/XP ?

Don’t know about that… I think that W2k has no aspi-support so you need ‘forceaspi’ to take care of this. Afaik WinXP has proper aspi-support. Try our search for more info on this topic.

Btw, as mentioned in my article, copy protection scanners are bad in recognizing protected audio cds.

Hi, it does not appear to me that it’s DOC.loc.

Current Plex recorders were not able to recognize the former two versions of DOC.loc (blinking drive LED, illegal TOC). On the other hand those recorders seem to be able to recognize and to extract the newer DOC.loc revision.

Could you kindly tell us, which disc you have? Please post the record company and the info of the inner CD-ring, too.

Btw, there’s another easy way to check your image file. Rename the .IMG file to .RAW and you can play it with WinOnCD by double-clicking on it.