Unknown Problems with DVDR824DP // DVDRW824K

it began with that the burner did not Lead out properly so the last file always become corrupt with firmware p3.0 or p3.3.
Then i upgraded the firmware til p3.4 and suddenly the burnings started to fail between 5-12% and just said write error
now i’ve flashed down the firmware til p3.3 and that error hasn’t disapeared.
(i don’t know alot about burners)

do anyone know what the problem might be or how to fix it?
glad for any help!

What media do you use.

Use DVDIdentifier to retieve mediacode and post result.

it has worked before with these discs, though i haven’t tried with another type of discs

Try with better media, such as Verbatim.

Princo media is low quality media and varies from batch to batch.