Unknown Manufacturer ID?

Hello there,

I bought this DVD-R from Mmore and I cannot see the information about the Manufacturer ID?

Both DVD identifier and DVDInfoPro fail to read it.

Is it normal or my dvdr is at fault? It’s a 411s.

Mind you the DVD is a coaster I just made tonight. Should I have tested it before burning it?

A search on the forum suggests that Mmore DVD-R media can be EuroDig-Disc, which I have never heard of and assume is crap.
I do not know why you cant read MID-codes though…

You are right, by examining the disc I noticed written in small letters the name Eurodig-disc.

Well I’ll make sure not to buy this things anymore.
As for the MID, the drive is able to read it from the DVDRW that was in the box so it must be missing from the eurodig disc.

I am unable to read the ATIP info in many CD’s. I have a CD writer and a DVD writer.

Some CD’s (blank and/or burned) are read properly in both burners and some CD’s (blank and/or burned) report no info - everything is reported as unknown (ATIP, manufacturer, layer, etc.)

I have tried Nero CD Speed, DVDinfo, CDRIdentifier.

Any ideas? Do some manufacturers hide this info?