Unknown Hard Error



Greetings everyone,

                             Ok, I'm hoping someone might be able to help me out with this one. I'm currently using Win 2k SP3, 256MB PC 2100 DDR RAM, Athlon XP 1800+ Processor, MSI KT 400 Motherboard, HL GC 8481EGCE CD RW (48X24X48) and I'm using a Quantum Fireball 6 GB drive (I know, I know, I'm just waiting until this weekend when I purchase my new 80 GB drive - Western Digital this time). Anyways, I know I've got tons of room, my system is good, my burner is fine, and everything should be a go. However, when I go to do a burn a CD, it will read the initial CD and when it's creating the image file, it gets about half way through and then I get an Unknown Hard Error and my system restarts. I've downloaded a start up manager to see what all items are running in the background when the PC starts and I've minimized my items in the background. I've done various hard drive tests to ensure the problem isn't with the hard drive and I've done a diagnostics test on the motherboard to ensure the problem isn't with my IDE controllers. I've verified all proper drivers have been installed as well. I'm stumped because I can't figure out what else might be causing this Unknown Hard Error. Does anyone else have an ideas?


Sorry for the late reply. You’ve installed the latest chipset drivers? The FAQ has a link to CloneCD Down & Dirty whcih you should scan. It has some “must-do” steps especially those related to UDMA disks in Win2K. Uninstall CloneCD, reboot, choose a custom install and uncheck the Virtual DRive, reboot. Stay in touch.