Unknown function in NeroCom.dll

my software recognise COM and activeX but i can’t find any .ocx file in the neroCOM folder. should i call NeroCom.dll for functions like getdrives ? but my software only recognise


these are the four functions when i call the neroCom.dll which is not documented in the neroCom pdf file…


I am not sure what is the problem here? NeroCOM.dll is a standard in-proc DLL and as such exports the exact 4 methods you quoted. You never load the DLL directly nor call any of its methods. This is all done by the COM on your behalf. You only work with GUIDs, CLSIDs and PROGIDs, IUnknown and IDispatch.

If you are not familiar with these, you need to study the COM concepts first. If doing VB development, things get easier but still you have no direct access to the DLL or its exported functions.