Unknown file type

I tried using every ripper I know of on a scratched DVD and Smart Ripper finally did the job. The output file is “vts_02_1vob”. DVDShrink will not work with it (Invalid Filename). Win XP “Properties” says this is a VLC Media File because I have a VLC Media Player, but that tells me nothing. It plays perfectly in VLC, but I would like to burn it to a DVD disc. Please help!

“vts_02_1vob” is a burne able data and if that will be the only thing on the disc then I would rename it to “vts_01_1.vob” and burn it with Nero as dvd video (put into video_ts folder).

If you also want menus then you need a dvd creator software. One that supports .vobs. i use Ulead DVD WorkShop 2 (this one actually supports vobs) and as far as I know it has a trial on the official website which you can download and use for 14 days (I’m not sure it’s 14 maybe 30).

Ps: I think you left out a “.” in “vts_02_1vob”. It should be infront of the “vob”.
Thought maybe that might cause some problems if something geneated that way some software might not recognize it unlike VLC which can open even bin file.

Out of curiosity I just have to ask; doesn’t a DVD reader need x.IFO and x.BUP file with DVD structure description to be able interpret .VOB file?

How about leaving SmartRipper behind, and using DVD Decrypter or DVDFab Decrypter?

Mine reads it perfectly without ifos though the panasonic sometimes misses them but usualy no problem with that one either. If just one vob and no menu it works fine (for me, though maybe I have srewed up dvds :eek: ).

If I try to burn it in Nero, I get the message that it can’t be larger than 2GB. I’ve got one .vob file that’s 5.31GB. Is there any way to break it up? Or another way to feed it to Nero?

Officially, you’ll have to ‘author’ the file to DVD-Video standards, which will segment the large file into ~1 GB sections and supply various pointers and navigation data to allow random access to the content.

However some DVD players will read bare MPEG2 files of < 2 GB each, and auto-link successive chunks relatively smoothly. We need to know what make & model number your player is before recommending this option.

Nec 3550a

If it is really an .vob file, any mpeg2 capable dvd player software should play this back.

For authoring .vob files without navi files (.ifo/.bup) are pointless.

Yes, using the “Open file” option instead of “Open DVD/disc”…

It’s a good job they are created in the authoring process then :stuck_out_tongue: ;).

Playback is not the problem. VLC Media Player does fine. But I want this file on a disc, not my HD. Are there any freebie authoring programs?


Before using IFOedit, the .vob (an MPEG2 file), needs to be demultiplexed into .m2v and .mp2 files by something like Project X.

These two files are then accepted by IFOedit for building the DVD-Video compliant files, which can then be burned to a DVD disc. In this case it will have to be a double layer disc to fit the total of ~5.3 GB.

Guides to the use of Project X and IFOedit can be found at doom9 here, (although the Project X one refers to an earlier version for which the layout is not the same).

An alternative to burning the DVD-Video files straight to DL disc is to create an ISO image of the DVD compliant files using ImgTool Classic, which can then be opened by DVD Shrink and compressed to fit a single layer 4.7 GB disc.

All freeware tools.

ImgTool Classic doesn’t recognize the file. In other words, in the “Browse for folder” box, I click on Desktop, and the file doesn’t appear in the list. If I type it in manually, it says it can’t find the video_TS folder.

No, you always have to do the Project X -> IFOedit bit. Whether you burn those files to DL or build an image with ImgTool -> DVD Shrink, is the alternative.

You could aslo demux them using TMPGEnc or some demuxer tools available.

Please see videohelp.com/tools