"unknown error" message



Hello everyone. I have a problem when I try to burn a dvd. a screen comes up that says “preparing to burn” then a few seconds later it says failed. then I get an “unknown error” message. the burner has been working fine since i got it in January.
Anybody got any ideas?


Which LG do you have? What burning program do you use? What brand of blank DVD do you use? Burn speed? OS?


it’s an LG GH22. The program is the one that came with the burner. I think it’s called Power to go. I use Memorex dvd-r burn speed is 16. OS is windows xp. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the burning program but no change. It just seemed to burn one day and then stopped the next. I have had the burner since January of this year.


O.K. Memorex are certainly not the best brand to use and your burn speed to too high, try burning at 8X. You might want to try the popular burning program Imgburn, http://www.imgburn.com/, it’s freeware and highly recommended. If any errors are encountered it will produce a log file which you can post here so that we can better determine what the problem might be.


I went to the website imgburn.com, I didn’t see DIVX as a supported file format. Do you know if it does support DIVX?
Thanks for your help.


If you just want to play a Divx file, not convert it, then just burn it as a data file.