Unknown (discountmedias.com) DVD-R

Lite LDW-411S, FSOF

4x burned at 1x

Bought 10 of the “Gold” 4x DVD-R from discountmedias.com . Tried to burn a 4.35G movie 3 times, 1 of which is semi-playable in my Sanyo DVD player. Although the disc is laser marked with 4x, Smart-burn only allowed 1x burning. With the best copy, I stopped K-probe at 3% completion with over 100,000 errors. K-probe wouldn’t even run with the other 2. The media code is “00000000h”, or unknown with Smartburn, DVDInfoPro and DVDIdentifier. Bottom line- will not work with -411S and the current level of firmware.

…and these discs is probably the cheapest lowest quality discs available to be bought? :wink:

Yeah, but we can only hope to eventually get something for nothing!!